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It’s tough to run a business right now. And it’s tough to figure out the right way to lead your workforce in as we start to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Janus Business Solutions provides advisory services for leaders to build and execute policies, programs, and operational systems for your workforce. We have extensive human resources experience in all aspects of managing workforce needs, including compensation, benefits, HR systems and services, and workforce change management and communications.

We’ll meet you where you are and support your work to move forward.

Let’s get some things done.


ONE: This is new territory for everyone, everywhere. We are all doing our best (including you!); always keep that in mind.

TWO: Business decisions about people operations need to tie to key business principles. Leaders should make sure they are clear about both to their workforce. 

THREE: Data and benchmarking are your friends....but they can not be your king and queen.

FOUR: It's a good time to overshare the "why" or "why not" as changes are made. This helps build trust and alignment across the team.

FIVE: Intentionality, authenticity, and flexibility make up the winning combo for leadership today.




Janus is the Roman god of changes and transformations. Janus Business Solutions was formed in 2020 to support companies in navigating complex changes and necessary transformations.

JBS is led by Michelle McKinney. Michelle is a seasoned human resources and operational leader who thrives at taking on tough challenges. Her background is in compensation, benefits, people analytics, HR systems, processes and services, globally. She has had successes at transformational initiatives including M&A due diligence and integration, office launches, and change management planning. Michelle is known for speed, tenacity, and high-volume/high-detail orientation. She is a movie aficionado and is working on bettering her hiking skills this year.


San Diego, CA



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